Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just pictures

Post 98

What can I say? Not much at the moment that I haven't said somewhere before. But I can show what I've paid attention to, pictures of the garden, bits of change and design.

I love my baby wilderness. I have tried to take lessons from the gardens of the great English estates and apply them to a small space. This means less giant drifts and more surprises, a medieval mead where some strong but delicate creature might be resting right behind that large plant over there..

Small does not have to look mimsy if seasoned with a hint of sprezzatura. Sound a tad pretentious? Well, I need to rationalize the garden's partial neglect somehow, and voice at least my hope for the garden, whether that hope is met or unmet.

Next year, when I will have more time, I hope I remember to leave in some decay, some emerging I know not what, some sense that behind all this is something worth longing and hoping and working and yearning for. something that given a name, would be lessened.

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