Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wissahickon Style XI, Arches and the Archetype of Archetypes

Post 59

I love arches, strong, load-bearing curves that break up all the right angles of our human-made world.

They echo nature,

 A nature tempered into harmony with human needs and wants, making a sheltering space.

The Arts n Crafts influenced architecture of our valley takes kindly to this shape...

...As there's a reason that humans and hobbits favor rounded doors.

As we approach all the holidays that are about Light and the birth of Light, the appearance of the archetype, the Word, that makes all archetypes and words possible, it seems like a good time to include these stray pics of arches that I have taken for the last few years

Just because I love arches,


There are few better reasons.

Or words.

Than such love.


Good News Health Update--

For those kind enough to read, I have had a bunch of tests and am on my way to a specialist. Seems I have several infected sinuses even after 3 rounds of antibiotics. Now, I expect, I will be fully treated and so be able to mend.

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