Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wissahickon Style X: The Dogs of Pastorius Park

Post 58

Still not breathing well, which I will take as an excuse to cheer myself up, and I hope others as well, with a slightly off topic post. Yes--dogs again.

If I felt better, I have no doubt I could (seemingly,) connect dogs, style, gardening and dogparks in a twinkling of a sentence or two. (Yes, I won the Golden Shovel Award at college.)

But do cute dog pics really need an excuse, bald and slimy as an old tennis ball or not?

A crowded dogpark of creatures would vote no!

So, what good would any place be, Wissahickon or not, without a proper place for a frolic?

And if a garden is a place for flowers to frolic then a dogpark, a place for dogs and their humans to frolic, is analogous (told you I could do it, just needed to  warm up.)


I've waxed elsewhere about the Woodward family and their many gifts to this area. One of my favorite of these gifts is Pastorius Park, a small, English landscape-style park, where nature, in general, romps in great style.

So, now that I've pretended to justify myself--unleash more cuteness!

Is joy not a style?

And if it is, then Joy to the World  (and the Wissahickon Watershed.)

 P.S.--Thanks to all the people who have seen me in the park  aiming my camera around and have allowed me to celebrate their animals and them. If anyone objects to a pic, just let me know and I'll take it down.

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