Monday, December 24, 2012

Post 61

Merry 12, Merry Christmas 

The colored bits are links to music on Youtube.

Once again, the good, bad and in-between in humanity meet at the time when we celebrate hope, new light, love and, the unimaginable reconciliation of heaven and earth, in the form of a powerless baby.

Almost too soon, just after the recent slaughter of the innocents.

Yet, as it has done for 2,000 years,
--Christmas, and all its promises and gifts, arrives again.

For Christmas Eve Night

 I Saw Three Ships

   What Child is This?/Greensleeves

This one rose has insisted on blooming for the last two weeks,is still in bloom, and has a bud that might bloom.

The Christmas Song

 It has been joined by the first camellia of the winter

 I've always had a weakness for the reindeer with the unusual nos

This Nativity Set  is made up of the unbroken bits of pieces from the sets of at least 3 different families. Most of our indoor decorations are from relatives who are gone or no longer able to decorate for the season.

 Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (skip ad)

 Link to last years Christmas Post 

Last year I posted some of my favorite carols, if you want to hear them, just go to the above link.

Merry Christmas, Good Will to All

O.K., the last one's not really traditionally Christmasy, it's a picture that hung in my childhood bedroom. But it seems to fit--Peaceable Kingdom and all.

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