Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reviewing Spring

Post 39

Spring is just about done as the summer humidity begins to hit. No more of of the above--

Or the below--

Such fresh sparseness has had its day


Till next year.

Here are a few more of my favorite pics from the season that is passing.

Geums worked well this year with almost two months of bloom, giving a strong, airy dash of color.

This native azalea is a Pinxter Azalea and gives height to the right of the front side path, sorta like a big, fat  pink exclamation point.I like the openness of the native azaleas. There is something about plants that are so covered in blooms you cannot see any air or green that uneases me. Looks stubby, not graceful. I prune this one back right after flowering, otherwise it could grow to 15 feet or so, which would look weird, considering the size of my yard. It likes decent drainage, acid soil and moderate water.  If happy it suckers a bit, but the stems have shallow roots and are easy to dig up and transplant elsewhere.

This was taken in my back yard, which gets a few hours of dappled sun. It shows a rhododendron that was there when we moved in. Next to it I planted an Aucuba japonica that I got at Rare Finds Nursery in N.J. (Rare Finds is a bit out of the way, but it has interesting and unusual stock.) I'm not sure what variety of Aucuba it is, I think maybe Golden King. Anyway, it does great competing with the roots of the silver maple it is sited under.
It is a highly unfashionable plant but nevertheless the right presence in the right spot.

Does anyone not like Irises? They need their own post though, and this one is long enough. So another pic, no more words, and done.

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