Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wissahickon Style II

Post 20

Looking for a good Christmas gift book? Consider "Metropolitan Paradise' by Carol Franklin and David Contosta. This work uses a series of snappy, well-illustrated vignettes that delight and instruct as they take you through the history of the Wissahickon watershed.

Carol Franklin, a landscape architect who grew up in Northwest Philly, first used the term 'Wissahickon Style' in a 1989 seminar. David Contosta has written so many books on this area that he probably dreams in schist. Together, they have created a work that feeds the senses, the intellect and the soul.

For Wissahickon Style posts, I include photos of other peoples' and public properties. Unless otherwise noted, these are photos taken by me from right of ways somewhere within the Wissahickon watershed. Except for already well-known places, I prefer not to identify locations for privacy reasons.

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