Monday, March 26, 2012

Wish upon a Wishniak, or Spring Cherries and Schist

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It is officially spring, a time of new beginnings. So sit down, maybe on a wall of Wissahickon Schist, look at the blooming cherries (in Polish: wisnia,) and have a shot of Wishniak to better wishes coming true. Above are some of the old, magnificent weeping cherries in historic Rittenhouse town.

Blooming trees are one of those things that can make me catch my breath in wonder. The ephemeral, whirly beauty can be overwhelming in the best way.

Here is one of the cherries we planted outside our house. I bought its tiny self  when it was no longer in bloom, and hence on sale from Home Depot. It was so small I grew it in our front lot for a few years till it got big enough to at least pretend to be a street tree. And as you can see, it is doing fine as such.

It is a Yoshino cherry, probably a Somei-yoshima. I like it because it is such an easy color to work with, the buds are reddish and open to flowers of such a pale pink they seem white, while retaining a red center. This does not clash with the daffs or tulips near it.

So, if wishes were flowers, what would this one be?


And even wishes need structure. Perhaps made from a good stone like Wissahickon Schist. So--do you know where to get some. Many of our old houses are made of it. What if you want to fix something, or build more? Where could you find it?


Wissahickon Stone Quarry, LLC  is where you go. To quote from their website:"We mine on-site and quarry from the bedrock which makes the stone very hard; the schist has the same bearing weight as limestone.  We guillotine cut on site and our saw cut veneer is cut by experienced professionals in upstate Pennsylvania, which includes beautiful corner cuts." 


At 1-A Waverly Road Glenside, PA 19038, just off Cheltenham Ave.


Wishes should be practical as well as beautiful. And so, good wishes for good wishes all around.


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What fun to see your beautiful pictures. I even recognized my house through our magnolia tree. You've inspired me to resurrect the blog I started last year about my garden. Thanks for sharing.