Monday, October 31, 2011

Fire and Snow, or Impossible Beauty

Pastorius Park
Post 13

Mid-storm in the garden
Post 13 was going to be about bringing in the pots. But it seems the unexpected can happen with # 13.  So,  cold, wet winter snow overtook dry, crisp, and still-blooming autumn. Snow and fire. We never get snow before late November, early December, never that is, till now. So, any pots should have been in long before their usual date. Who knew?

First came the storm, darkening the day with clouds, brightening it with snow, but snow illuminated by bursts of color.

Morning on the road

Then the aftermath, a bright, cool sunny day with the ground and sky both blue and white, and the mid-horizon blazing with turning leaves. 

Pastorius Park

It would have been easy to have gotten upset, pouting over early cold. But it is hard to pout when surrounded by beauty.

Pastorius Park, -- Run Lassie Run

And oh, what beauty.
What unusual, surprising, impossible beauty
Pastorius Park

We were lucky to get just enough snow for beauty, not enough for damage. It was a good balance of opposites, for which I am thankful.


Mike said...

Couldn't you find a picture of better looking dog?

Kay Wisniewski said...

Wait and watch